ChatGPT powered no-code editor for algotrading.

Write *fairly* complex algorithms with nested conditional logic using technical indicators.

Use ChatGPT-3.5 to transcribe or suggest trading ideas

Backtest your strategies and visualize against to selected benchmarks.


Use Technical indicators to create If/Then control flow logic.

Create strategies like portfolio rebalancing, pairs trading, buying the dip, and more

Allocate assets evenly, by percentage, or by inverse volatility


ChatGPT-3.5-turbo integration

Use a custom fine-tuned version of OpenAI's ChatGPT to transcribe your algorithim ideas

ChatGPT can suggest entire balanced portfolio recommendations and various types of trading strategies with a text prompt. check out our medium post on how this was done!



Visualize allocations and performance, compare against selected benchmarks. Is it fast? Its pretty fast.

AlgoVue uses the industry standard and as a datasource

Your strategies stay on your computer, never uploaded to the cloud.


No-Code Visual Editor

Write complex nested logic using a drag and drop inline editor. Search thousands of securities, ETFs, or crypto

Export your algorithm as python or TradingView Pine Script

AlgoVue is built using Flutter for a beautiful desktop app experience


Visualize Control flow

Hovering over a date highlights nested If/Else logic for an explanation of changing conditions

Jim James

OMG this tool is so amazing!

Jim James - Totally fake CEO of Global Corp.

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